I have read that when it comes to creatine only purity matters, not brand names. My question is in regards to getting better results from certain brands. I have used Pro-Lab, Met-Rx, and Phosphagen. The gains I get using phospagen are greatly increased compared to the others. I know Biotest has Ribose-C, but I can buy 1400 grams of Phosphagen for $60 at my gym so the money seems well spent due to the gains I get from it. It had been almost a year since I had taken creatine and I started taking it the beginning of October along with MD-6. My diet isn’t the greatest but I am blessed with good genetics. I eat pretty much whatever I want, which isn’t much because the MD-6 makes me adverse to food, but I do drink a lot. I drink a gallon of 2% chocolate milk daily along with about a gallon of water daily. I have gone from 244 with lightly visable abs to 264 with very visable abs in 5 weeks. MD-6 is the magic pill I have been looking for because I hate cardio. My strength levels haven’t increased greatly but my rep ranges have, for example 5 weeks ago I could get 315 for 3 sets of 6 on bench, last workout I got 3 sets of 9 with 315. I am now focusing on bringing my squat up with ass to the floor squats, it is coming along slowly. If T-mag would like to give me some free Ribose-C to compare to the Phosphagen I would be happy to report the results, but I feel Phosphagen is the best creatine on the market (I hate Bill Phillips and the BFL crap just in case you think I am a EAS suck up). Keep up the good work T-mag, the forum idea was great. The MD-6 is great, I commend you on keeping me off of the cardio equipment.

You can’t compare RiboseC to Phosphagen because the latter doesn’t have any D-Ribose. EAS has their RiboForce HP packets which retail for $74.95/30 servings. The EAS product looks pretty close to Biotest RiboseC except it has an extra 2 grams of creatine/serving. On the other hand, RiboseC is $69.90 for 48 servings when you buy two, get one free. Give RiboseC a try; you may not ever go back to creatine powder again. I found it works better than creatine alone, and yes, I’ve used the Phosphagen brand myself.

P.S. What's up with combining MD6 and a gallon of chocolate milk a day? If you're trying to lose fat, I'd drop the entire gallon and replace it with a couple MRPs.