Miscalculated Injection

Hi guys not looking for criticism because believe me I know how much of a muppet I am but… I decided to get some test enth 300 and for some reason I thought ml and mg were the same so I put 2.5 ml in my first shot which I now know is 750mg when I only wanted 250mg originally. What are possible outcomes? Will I get bad sides? Acne/ bitch tits?

it’s called a frontload, and might actually be a good thing! Some people like to take a large shot at the start of the cycle to get their blood levels up faster. Whether or not it has any benefit is the matter of some debate.

Don’t worry about it. Just continue with your cycle as normal.

Just take a bit of a higher AI dose if you’re concerned. All it’s going to do is front load your test so your levels reach peak faster.

Your gonna OD man

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