Mirrored Ceilings

I’ve always noticed that I do decidedly better on lifts when I can see myself performing the lift in the mirror as opposed to staring at a wall on lifts where this is appropriate (curls, shoulder presses, etc.). Have any of you ever run across a gym where they put mirrors above you so that you could view other lifts such as the flat bench? Not only does it give you a better nervous system response to associate an image with what you’re doing, but it would help correct uneven or sloppy lifting as well.

Yeah mirrors are good. Good for distracting you & keeeping you from knowing what good form feels like! Face it, mirrors are only good for checking people out, either yourself or some spandex chick. The Soviet weightlifters didn’t just train without mirrors, they trained blindfolded or in the dark so they could have a sense of what they were doing. I noticed the same thing when I was rowing early in the morning & only had the ambient light from the city to find my way around & had to be aware of what I was doing. That’s what mirrors take away.