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I was 7 when the ‘Miracle on Ice’ took place and watched the game in awe with my dad. Everytime I see it on ESPN Classic it still puts a lump in my throat.
Well, the Misses has never seen the game so I took her to see the movie the other night and it was rather impressive. I knew the outcome and yet myu heart was still racing at the end. The actaul play is done really well and they took the input given to them by Brooks and the players and kept it true to life.Unfortuneately as many hockey enthusiasts know, Her was killed prior to the final cut and never got to see the movie.
If you get the chance to see it, even if you are old enough to remember it from memory, it is definitely worth it.


I will definitly second that comment. I saw it last night and was very impressed with Kurt Russel’s performance. I kept forgetting that it was him and just saw him as Brooks. There are no stupid love stories, no overblown side stories, nothing to take away from it. It’s just all around great.

Speaking of the actual game, does anyone know when it will be on Classic again? I missed it last time and have never actually seen the game.

It’s really too bad that Coach Brooks never got to see the movie. It gives him the honor he deserves.

Just saw it…fantastic movie. No BS and very accurate. I was 18 when they played. Man it felt the same way. The audience jumped up and cheered at the end of the game…in the theatre!!!

I took my 9 yr. old see it. Lots of father and kids in the theatre. They are not too many non-kiddie movies you can take your kids to these days.

Classic played it Thursday night by the way. Also at the end it states Brooks never saw the movie…then adds “He lived it”. Well said. I still remember those last 10 minutes. Craig was like a brick wall!!

Our hockey team got to see it 2 weeks before it was released. it was truly a great movie and actually does justice to the game of hockey, not like the mighty ducks.

But after seeing the HBO special, reading interviews and looking through archives on Herb Brooks, the movie just doesn’t show how much of an asshole (purposely) he really was to his team to unite them under a common bond.

I think it either has the potential to be a hit or a dud, depending on how the movie is marketed

I play hockey with and against 2 kids that are in the movie. The one kid I play against got $125k and only had 1 line in the movie. The kid on my team was on team sweden and got $6k just for one big hit in the movie.

It’s really too bad that only a small percentage of Americans even care about hockey.This movie will probably never get the recognition it deserves.

They dedicated the NHL allstar game to Herb Brooks.

Just a couple of quick comments on this one.
1-can’t really see this movie doin extremely well up here in canada, well done or not, just like a movie bout the '72 summit series wouldn’t do so great in the states
2-curious as to the release date of this movie. Would’ve expected it closer to the winter olympics, coulda possibly been better advertising and everything (plus it would give americans a chance to watch their team win a game since they’d just be losin to canada in the olympics anyways :wink: )

Yeah that was a great movie! I was to young to remember the game so I picked up a couple of things that I didn’t know. Anyone who has skated suicide sprints had to feel for them in that game after they played Sweden I believed prior to the olympic games and Herb kept saying blow the whistle.

lsm6, yeah I have to agree.As a Canadian I have no desire to watch this movie.
Can’t wait for the World Cup so we can kick USA’s butt again. :slight_smile:

For those folks that may have forgotten their Olympic history: since 1956, when the USSR began its almost 40 year dominance of this sport at the Olympic level, the USA has won 4 medals (2 Gold, 2 Silver) and team Canada has won 5 medals (1 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze). So I’m not sure who’s ass your kicking with a 1 medal advantage in 47 years.

And as far as the WC goes, you may be forgetting that team USA won the 1996 WC by beating team Canada 2-1 in the Final Round in Montreal. So who’s ass exactly would you be kicking ‘again’?

Just cause your team didn’t finish in the medal round that year doesn’t mean that the story is not worth interest to all Canadian hockey fans…I can say this as a native Buffalonian with much family in Ontario, Toronto and BC.

Well, you have to remember that NHL players didn’t play in the Olympics until the '98 Nagano games(Czech’s won).
Before '98 the best talent weren’t even playing so IMO anything before '98 doesn’t really count.
It’ll be interesting to see what team USA will be like this year.I think they might be a little weak defensively.
I think Canada could put together TWO good teams if they wanted.

“Anyone who has skated suicide sprints had to feel for them in that game after they played Sweden”

…yeah, they’re called herbies, with sharp skates i can do them in 50 seconds, keep in mind i’m a goalie

i think canada will win the wc/olympics but not by much. theres just too much talent up there and we can’t compete

Shit, Lumbur, you must really cover the net with your size.I never realized you were a goalie.
Who do ya think’ll play net for USA this year? I’m drawin’ a blank for American goaltenders.Jim Carrey’s American isn’t he?

I also find it hard to forsee the movie doing well in Canada. Most of my hockey buddies have laughed at the idea of going to see it, but I will still check it out. Anything hockey is interesting. In regards to the comments about Canada winning the next world cup, I am a bit concerned. A ggod majority of the gold medal team are either have very bad years or are hurt. I know we have a lot of talent to choose from, but it still concerns me.

In the context of 1980. Which many of you young pups do not remember, beating the Russian Hockey team was huge. These guys were essentially an all-star team that played year round. We beat them with a bunch of college kids. That is a great story in anybody’s book.

At the end of the game, when the Russians were down a goal with less then a minute ,they didn’t pull the goalie. Brooks commented that the other coach didn’t know what to do in that situation. The Russians were never behind at the end of a game before!

I don’t know if it was the same club but I think they toured as the “Russian Red Army Team”. Footnote: The Flyer beat them in 76! During the days of the old “Broad Street Bullies”.

I’m not sure I understand this. USA vs. Canada bullshit aside, why is this movie being made before one about the '72 Summit Series? My impression was that was the first big “Democracy vs. Communism” event. Considering the hype, disappointment, and uber-exciting climax, I’d have thought everyone in the Western world would be nuts about it!

Then again, maybe I’ve just spent way too much time playing with polar bears and buliding igloos to have an objective opinion (in other words I am biased becasue I’m “Canadienne”).

I’m sure the great players on team Canada that won the 12 medals from 1920 to 1998 might disagree that anything before '98 didn’t count.
They might take exception to that comment, especially from another Canadian.

You know, I saw the movie over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Even down here in Socal the capacity crowd cheered at the end of the game. Kurt russel did a good job, I just wish there would have been enough time in the movie to see more character development with the players.

And since it was Disney there wasn’t a single F-bomb from anyone, which is good for the father son outings but I just can’t believe that those dude’s from Boston went every practice or situation without dropping a couple.


Heavy, I meant that mostly as a joke.Of course an Olympic gold medal is always a great accomplishment and 1980 was definitely a great moment for American hockey.
Ahhh, 96 WC, I’m still pissed about that one.Mike Richter really stole the show on that one.