Miracle Noodles?

Does anyone know where to find these, such as a store maybe…jewel,dominicks?

They have them at Whole Foods.

Has anyone tried them? They look interesting but I suspect they taste a bit rough.

do you know if a store like trader joes has them?

Seems they are made of glucomannan, I already take that as a supplement would eating to much be a problem?

i just dont know where to purchase them

Miracle noodles? what the duck? Never heard of them, but I want some!

Asian grocery stores have them. They’re called shirataki noodles. They come packed in water and smell like fish when you open them, but just rinse them off and heat them up.

I like them a lot, even though they are a bit pricey ($1.99 for a package, in my area). It’s supposed to serve two, but it’s easily a single serving (especially for a bodybuilder). I like the fettuccini style, made by the brand House Foods. They also have an Angel Hair and a regular spaghetti size.

Is it as good as regular fettuccini? No way, definitely not. But it’s an acceptable substitute. Being on a low-carb diet, I would much rather eat shirataki noodles than feel like I am being deprived of noodles forever. When I get a craving for pasta (or pizza, actually) they satisfy me. And each package only has 6 grams of carbs (!!!) and 4 of those grams are fiber. Compare that to a bowl of pasta (a small bowl - these shirataki portions are small so don’t get your hopes too high).

You find them in the refrigerator section of Asian markets, near the tofu usually. Shirataki (in general) also comes in glass noodle style, and bricks (for slicing) that go better in asian soups and other recipes. That style is also called yam noodle, sometimes. Only the House Brand is making an italian style noodle, as far as I know. They have a website, for more info.

As mentioned, rinse well first. And you can press excess liquid out in a colander (the noodles are surprisingly sturdy). Even when well-drained, the noodles will give off a little extra water when cooking, so plan accordingly.

I bought a bunch to try when I first started freaking out on my contest diet (soooooooo hungry! -lol). Long story short, they tasted awful and I pretty much just ‘manned up’ and dealt with the hunger until my body adjusted to a lower caloric intake. I don’t care how much they tell you it’s just like eating pasta,… no way. You’d be better off making some spaghetti squash to fill your tank with.