Mir Training With Mark Philippi

[quote]PRCalDude wrote:

What does “bodybuilding training” mean, anyways? [/quote]

Probably training like most people you see in the gym. 3X10 for chest and biceps- and probably poorly thought out weight progression.

Back in time Frank- pre accident was like the heavy weight BJ Penn.
Both didnt really put much work into the S&C portion of their training,
past sparring rolling hard etc.

And Both found success for a long time doing just that.

Frank is kind of a naturally big guy , and had a HUGE accident- you can peep the yards of tape on his knee

Im surprised people are asking what he means By “body Building” training, vs. training like an athlete,
if you watch any of the videos, Philippi says the training is focused on getting stronger, lifting heavy stuff,
without impacting any of Franks Mobility or conflicting with his other athletic goals

Not sure what isn’t clear there.

blah blah blah…

For his last Brock fight He came in Light- and lean at 245 where he is usually softer, and had really focused on his conditioning, I know he worked with Rafael Alejarra Wanderlai’s S&C dude and also Mark DeleGrotta.
I think He started with Alejarra when He fought Nog.

Mir prob weighs in the low 270s now Brock when healhty and training is high 280’s and more when not training.

Frank being stronger is a good thing
his other attributes still need some work
but his shit talk is black belt.

Glad to see Mir making an effort to make himself better. It takes a real man to accept his shortcomings and do something about it.

Hopefully more MMA fighters will see the positives of this approach.