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Minutia Pisses Me Off


People like this guy, I'm sorry, but almost all of that article got me angry. But then again, I guess I shouldn't give a shit.


I've seen like two other articles on that website that talk about how terrible all these exercises are and how everyone is doing them wrong. Like this one guy who wrote something similar to what Kosloff did about the bench: Palm grip, to the neck with feet on bench, etc,...

And I still don't understand how how you grip the bar helps you press it up. I mean, you grip the bar so you hold onto it, I don't understand his logic to why it's cheating if you hold onto it rather than just have it resting on the top of your palms.



You know, I think you're right. It's perfectly fine to be upset and annoyed at situations like these.

There's a fine line between smart and over-analyzing. I find that if you think about things like diet and training at the basic levels, you should be fine. Sure, get your gram/pound of protein, eat enough carbs, fats, and get some rest...but you can do all of that without writing it down. 40 grams of protein for breakfast? If you're 180 lbs, you've got 140 to go! Wow!!!

When bench press grips (in relation to how tightly you're holding the bar) become a topic of discussion; that's over-analyzing. I can understand the difference between the width of your grip, but that changes the way you work the muscle group.

Beyond that, it's just retards thinking they're smart.

I doubt Arnold thought much about how hard he was holding the bar. "Get this fucking weight up!!!" is all that should be going through your mind.


this guy is a little bitch ragging on powerlifters. I mean cmon. I think grip has little to do with whether you hit the muscle right or not. while the vince gironda way of benching does hit your pecs more(feet on bench, to the neck), that doesn't mean that regular benching won't hit it as well.


This guy is a moron. This is what I get out of this article:
-Weightlifters(PL's) are all fat
-Compound exercises are cheating
-Vince Gironda is god
-Squats are easy; hack squats are harder
-He says that no one can be a PL and a BB;He has never met Dave Tate
-I'm betting he is around 5'8 and 150 lbs soaking wet.

I really can't believe people like this exist.


That's the most stupid article I've read in a while. And for one thing, whenever I done wrap my thumb around my hand when benching, then I work my forearms MORE since I don't have a good grip on the bar.

Cheating my ass.


Im scared that newbs are going to read this and go down the wrong path...


he completely jocks Vince's nuts


Guys it's just funny. I didn't read the whole article but who cares what he says? It was obvious from the second paragraph that it was going to be biased completely.

I disagree with a lot of the isolation comments too. "Oh no, I'm using too much forearm when bench pressing, I might get, a big chest, shoulders AND forearms!"

But who cares? If people want to follow that kind of thinking then good for them. I thank god I know better.

At TKD most of the guys are vegetarians. They're always telling me that I don't need much if any protein, blah blah blah. I just say "if that's what you think" and finish sipping my post workout drink. I KNOW what I'm doing is helping me so I don't care what they say.





Looks how many of his articles are about Vince Gironda!

"Why I love Vince Gironda" Give me a break!


Sometimes I wonder why some of the articles on bb.com are even considered for posting, let alone actually posted.

That was probably the most annoying read I've had in a while.


Apparently this guy has never seen the physiques of marines or sprinters.


Wow that is the stupidest most ignorant shit I've ever seen in print. Maybe not, but it's up there.


What do you mean by this?


I disagree, Kosloffs articles helped me alot when it comes to chest development and nutrition. But I admit I don't follow all the training advice, but I would recommend the articles as a good read and food for tought.