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Minority Report

I’ve seen nothing but bad reviews of MIB:II (although it’s the number one movie again this week) so I’m going to wait on the video or maybe until it comes on cable. But if you like REAL sci-fi, see Minority Report. That was one good flick.

Hmmm, I’ve been telling everyone I know not to see it. It was a great idea, but I thought the movie overall just sucked.

I have to agree with mrcold on this one. While Spielberg’s vision of the futuristic world was pretty well developed and pretty cool, there was little else. Cruise seemed like he was just going through the motions. The story had 3 or 4 good ending points, but no … the movie kept going and going. It was almost a great sci-fi flick, but just didn’t seem right for some reason.

Steve69, I thought it was great too. I thought little of the futuristic part of movie(wasn’t concerned about it) but the plot was great. I recommend to anyone I know to see it even if they don’t like scifi.

I believe Minority Report will be a sci fi classic. The story was well developed. Yes, the ending(s) were a problem. But a minor problem when you consider this movie as a whole. THIS was some of Tom Cruise’s best acting. His Anderton is a flawed man. And that’s how he portrayed him. You have to think about this: Cruise’s Anderton carried this picture. We maintained the interest in his drive and ambition right to the end. That’s due to Cruise’s ability as an actor. His presence did not detract from this movie - or from the other actors (most notably, Samantha Morton as Agatha. SHE is amazing here) - but added to the richness of the plot. Also of note, Colin Farrell as Danny Witwer, the guy who at first believed Anderton was guilty and then began to believe his innocence. Keep an eye out for Mr. Farrell in Daredevil, as Bullseye. THIS guy is gonna be goin’ places. Good actor.

There are so many good things about this movie. Even from the creative product placements (that served a purpose in the film) - can't forget the best product placement of a auto in the history of movies (okay, besides James Bond's Astin Martin). OR the fabulous use of CG in "LIVE SETS". Wow. I cannot get out of my head, the scene of the "spiders" (which were CG), scurrying about the apartment house. And how Spielberg shot so you were watching the action from above. Wow. Beautiful.

And proves that Spielberg is a definite master of mixing the technical aspect of a shot with the organic. Wow. His virtuousity was so prevalent in this movie. What's really amazing is that I have been able to watch him "grow" over the years. From "Duel" to now. Certainly been a treat. Undeniably good movie.

Best job ever by Cruise. The reason I say that is I actually forgot I was watching Tom Cruise. Did anyone else notice Spielberg’s use of color? The entire movie is blue. Perfect for the story. I do have one question, where I don’t understand part of the plot. The bad guy sets TC up by having the “molester” carry the pics, etc. But how did the original image get into the system? I mean, so what that the guy had the pics. How was it inevitable that TC would end up in the room with him? I understand that once TC sees the images at work and runs, all else follows, but what was the original impetus? Where did the images come from? You can say that because he did end up in the room, that generated the images, but that is circular reasoning. For instance, in the first murder they prevent, the image is caused by the intention of the husband to kill the wife and lover. Supposedly his future anger sent out psycic waves or something, but TC has no knowledge of the guy or his relation to the kid beforehand, and in fact the relationship did not exist. What did I miss here?

huck, I had the same question - besides the “eyeball” thing (which is: wouldn’t the eyeball get all mushy and the optical reader wouldn’t be able to “read” the eyeball?). But I think I thought of the answer: When TC and Agatha were in the hotel room, and TC says how he has ALWAYS thought of what he would do if he ever met the person who took his son. And maybe Max Von Sydow’s character was able to use that as a base for the rest. He was able to “trick” the precogs before, too. I’m still working out the details in my brain - you know, I love it when movies make me think!

Oh BTW: the scene in the mall when both Anderton (TC) and Agatha are running from the police is brilliant - in terms of direcitng, acting and editing.

MIBII sucked donkey balls. DO NOT waste your money on this movie.