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Minor Toe Discomfort

So I had parked an EZ Curl bar on the edge of the BP seat with 20 kg plates on each side.

The trainer wanted to move it on the floor, so I told him to wait so I could lock them on both sides with cylindrical pins. He refused…

So we started moving it and the plate on my side started to slip and feel flat on the region where the toe connects with the rest of the foot.

So I’m feeling minor discomfort on my right toe, along with the one next to it…it is a little swollen. Funny thing is though I can kneel down and get back up just fine with bending and flexing my toes. However, I do feel minor discomfort, especially when walking with shoes on.

Iced, compressed and elevated it yesterday for 20 mins. I wanted to know if icing is really needed to make it heal faster… or if I should just let it heal naturally? Also, is an ointment or cream needed that’ll keep it nice, warm and flexible, so I can train?

Today is actually a squat workout that I might have to miss…

Icing decreases the inflammation, which won’t necessarily help it heal faster, but it will decrease the pain from the swelling. Icing won’t really make it heal noticeably slower either. Once the initial inflammation phase is over, you can start moving it to get blood flowing through. This will help accelerate healing as long as you don’t over do it.

Creams give your brain the sensation of the skin being cold or warm, and may block pain, but really do little for healing.

As long as you can tolerate the pain, you are probably safe to train–it sounds like you just got a bad bruise.