Minor Surgery While On?

I was planning on starting my third cycle fairly soon. Haven’t decided which compounds yet but likely sust and dbol for 8 weeks or so

I will have all 4 wisdom teeth extracted dec 9. Doc said ill be out of commission for a few days, no big deal.

My question : is there any concern with being on while I will be put under and having this procedure done ? Truthfully the doc is a family friend and I would rather not have to mention the aas use.

And before you say “just wait till after the procedure” I wanted to get this cycle in now so I have proper time to recover before going on again in april/ may

Any advice appreciated

I’ve had numerous procedures while “on” and no difficulties whatsoever. My wife was bringing my gear to the hospital every 3rd day so I could STAY on during hospital stays.

You’ll be fine, plenty of vitamin E and C will accelerate recovery.