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Minor Spondylolisthesis at L5 and Lifting

Some background. My husband works a really physically hard job as a welder and is following IIFYM with me. Yay! He loves to lift and really pushed me into it! About two weeks ago his back started to hurt him and like any guy he didn’t go to the doctors right away and it was getting worse. Well I finally forced him and it turns out after some X-rays and a second opinion he has minor spondylolisthesis at L5. He is crushed. Not only did his doctor tell him not to lift (no squats, no deadlifts, just light core work) he is worried about his job since he has to lift heavy things all the time.

However, I have found some information online from others that say lifting is possible if you start light and many have said they have no pain from lifting and doing squats.

I guess I am just here wondering if anyone has this and lifts or knows people that have this and lift and what kind of exercises they do.

Thank you all!