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Minor Question about my Bench/Dip Day

Hi jim i just had one minor question on my bench day i do my 5 3 1 sets and my gym does not have a dip station so i have to drive over one hour home where i do own a dip station im just wondering if there is anything bad of benching and then the one hour break i have until i do my dips at home or if i should just choose something else to do instead

Do bench dips off your bench, with weight in lap arms behind body feet can be on another bench, have somebody load the plates on you, ive done dips with 100 plus pounds strapped to me dont care for them, didn’t feel natural, i know guys who drive two hours each way to train with bumper plates, and a good coach, i competitive environment. For a dip station no not worth hour drive . Decline bench good replacement

I see no problem doing dips an hour later. Do not do dips with feet up/hands behind you - unless you are in prison.