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Minor or Major Pectus Excavatium


i am 15 year sold with Pectus excavatium i want to reach out and see what others think of my chest how okay/bad it looks i have started working out and have seen lots of improvement if anyone else knows of any other exercises/stretches feel free to help me out .


Duh fuq.

You don’t have PE. You have no muscle mass.



You’ve done great! Keep working out.

Now get on those clavicles!


In the top pic it looks like some face pulls and band pull aparts might not hurt. What do you think?


Right now, I’m really into these for pulling my shoulders back/unslumping my posture.


I got it from DeFranco!

Here he is doing Blackburns, Facepull and band Pullaparts.

Check out his thumbs. Look how he externally rotates.


Thanks for sharing!


pectus excavatum is the new low T.


Which was the new APT.


Anything is better than gyno!


The real question is, are there any bodybuilders with legit major pectus excavatum?



meh, blast a little nolva. It’s not such a big deal…


Thank you all for the help I’m going to continue working out and hope to build my body mass over time:)


Yea thank you for the help I actually have a elastic band so I can probably stay doing face pulls


No problem!

Lots of dudes start lifting because they don’t like “X-Bodypart.” Lots of guys worry specifically about their chests. Many old-school lifts and routines, like Pull-Overs and 20-Rep Breathing Squats, were designed to “expand the chest.”

Even Arnold didn’t like the way his “pecs disappeared” when he lifted his arms. So he did lots of work to build a huge chest.

You’re not badly deformed or anything. You’ve just got years of work to do.