Minor Lower Back Injury Help


  • Was deadlifting a week and a half ago and felt a crunch in my lower back - felt like my spine shifted or something.
  • Didn’t hurt when it happened, just felt extra sore.
  • No pain when standing up straight but if I get mild pain and a lot of stiffness if I try to arch my back, pick something up from the floor, or roll over in bed.
  • Dull pain if I am sitting for too long.
  • Occasionally radiates down to my tailbone area and down my left hamstring.

I can bench just fine and squatted up to 315 (about 60%) last week, haven’t tried to deadlift yet. Takes a long time to get loose and warmed up. Its not a horrible injury by any means but I definitely stand to hurt myself worse if I push through it stupidly.

Anyone deal with something similar? What kind of doctor do I see for this?

Go get x-rays and an MRI. anytime you have pain traveling down the leg, you have a sciatic nerve irritation. Could be muscle spasm, could be disk bulge. No way to know without diagnostics. You need an MD versed in sports medicine.

Stay the fuck away from PT’s, chiropractors and other assorted quacks.

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