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Minor Labrum/Bicep Tendon Tear

Hey guys yep I’m back lol but this time I’ve finally have the info of what’s really wrong. After an arthogram mri I have been told I have a very minor labrum tear, or bicep tendon tear or maybe both. Doc says they are so slight that surgery would actually cause more bad then good. If it is a labrum tear its torn where the bicep connects.

He said most guys at the age of 40 have this injury and don’t even know it from wear and tear. I’m in rehab but was wondering if anything you know helps. So here’s my questions guys 1: any of you have this issure? 2: how should my workouts change? And haven’t weight lifted in a year how should I ease back in?

3: supplements and rehab/ prehab/ stretching that will help heal and protect this. 4: if I stick to high volume low weight will that help? 5: can you fully recovery with this? Thanks for reading guys I really appriciate this a lot. I MISS THE GYM!!!