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Minor knee strain

About 2 1/2 weeks ago I was squatting with a wider stance than I usually use while trying to “spread the floor” with my feet as recommended by an article I read here. Unfortunately, I think this was too taxing for my knees, as the next day they were quite sore, and snapping with almost every step. The snapping came from the lateral aspect of the joints, but I felt soreness throughout. The lateral ligament feels tender more than the rest. I felt no pain while squatting, just the next day. I’ve gone two weeks now staying off the knees, and everytime I try to throw in a few leg extensions to see how they are doing, I get pretty sore afterward and my knees start making that snapping sound again.

Any clue on the best way to rehab, or even what type of injury I have? I want to start squatting again!