Minor Issues or Possible Health Problem?

Based on my unexpert non-medical opinion, the blood work you posted indicates to me you just have an infection. The WBC is the big indicator. It’s way above average. But since you are in the process you might as well get everything checked, but I don’t want you to worry…
Infections can make you feel horrible. Fever, dizzy, lightheaded, tired while being not being able to sleep, shaking pale, etc.
I would have had you on antibiotics already, but I am not your doctor…

He said his liver enzymes were elevated in another post. His doctor may well be right about the Hep A/B/C, the nausea, pain, lack of appetite, weight loss, are all symptoms, liver enzymes are probably the most common form of testing for hepatitis, and Croatia is a super high-risk country for hep. Hep A can be gotten from food, and there are several forms of Hep that aren’t (necessarily) permanent, but antibiotics won’t do anything in this case. Hep A is usually curable and B/C are treated with antivirals.

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Dizziness is a sign of high hematocrit.

and your WBC’s are high.

@probnit8 were you ever given a Hep A vaccination?

I honestly don’t know.

Hep C is also a possibility since I didn’t use protection on several occassions in the past (I know I’m a dumbass).

Anyways, I’m sent to see a specialist next week. Then I will probably be sent on screening for Hep C antibodies like my doctor said I would be sent.

Good luck, dude. I hope your issues are minor and temporary.
When your health takes a shit, the old adage ‘Nothing is more important than good health’ takes on a whole new meaning.
I’d rather have good health than $9,000,000,000,000,000,000 bucks. Nothing is fun when you feel like shit.
Get better soon, Prob.

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Thank you bro :slight_smile:

Update, I saw a specialist today, I will have to do more blood tests, this time for antibodies for Hepatitis… and then not long after that ultrasound on my liver too.

Long story short - I’m most likley screwed

Hey, I’m very sorry to hear it.

On a hopeful note, it looks like there are anti-viral medications and treatments and many people do very well, even with Hep B or Hep C so maybe this isn’t as scary as it once was.

Take care of yourself. Do everything you can.

Best to you,

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Is the issue elevated liver enzymes–AST (sometimes called SGOT) and/or ALT (SGPT)?

@anon71262119 thanks a lot, and yeah, I will probably be OK

@EyeDentist both are elevated. Just ones are worse than others, I don’t remember which one and correct numbers. But hey, my skin isn’t yellow, so it’s not that bad. I can look for a paper tommorrow and type down correct numbers if that will help.

In any case, I’m seeing doctors and doing tests. Whatever it is, I think I can handle it. Medicine did go far latley after all.

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You’re not screwed it’s treatable. But you will have some low moments. Be strong, you’ll come out better and stronger.

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Do you lift weights intensively on a regular basis?

I actually workout more often, but with less intensity (instead going for 5 sets for example, I’ll make 3. and instead doing bench press every monday, I’ll do it every 5 days for example. Same with other workouts. So I’m not draining myself to the limit, but I do go there bit often usually.

I have no intention of getting between you and your doctor–you should do whatever s/he says. But if the issue is one of modest elevations (up to ~2x the upper limit of normal) of some of your so-called liver function tests (LFTs), you might want to make sure your doc is aware of the fact that weightlifting can cause transient elevations of LFTs. The fact is, many docs are not aware of this, and as a result, they end up pursuing aggressive diagnostic courses chasing lab values that are in fact clinically meaningless. (I knew a weightlifter–who happened to be a physician herself–who actually underwent a liver biopsy as her doc worked up her ‘abnormal liver tests.’) Whether elevated LFTs are a function of weightlifting is simple enough to assess–the markers will fall to normal or near-normal levels if you refrain from lifting for 7-10 days or so.


I will keep it in mind. It won’t go as far as biopsy amyways.


No updates yet. Medical system here is fucked up so it takes some time.

But sympthoms seem to be a bit less noticeable, or I just got used to it. But I doubt things are now worse.

Update from last thursday, I forgot to write it earlier.

I had wisdom tooth infection, and I was just thinking my wisdom tooth was growing, however it resolved on it’s own.

Liver enzymes are also back to normal now, it’s possible they were a bit higher because of painkillers and also workouts and everything combined… but it might be just working out since I didn’t take over 1000mg of paracetamol a day or 1200mg of ibuprofen (I was using each for 2 days and then switch and so on).

To sum it up, white blood cell count and my liver enzymes are back to normal, my liver isn’t enlarged and I don’t have hepatitis.

Also all before mentioned sympthoms are also gone. And it could all be avoided if my doctor looked into my mouth first time I came there…

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