Minor Issues or Possible Health Problem?

Issues started 2 weeks ago as drop in energy. I even had to stop in middle of my training because I just lost energy and felt dizzy.

For over a week now, I feel a little bit nauseous all the time.

It’s bit stronger when I go to sleep. It does affect my sleep. My apetite is too affected, I often have to force myself to eat.

I did try to make changes in diet, training aswell. I’m 100% sure that I’m not overtraining (I’ve always been more of a slacker).

Other than that everything else seems to be fine, except some pain here and there which is normal.

Did anyone here have experience with similar problems?
Or does anyone have idea what this is and how to solve it?

Um assuming it’s not just a cold or something.

How much food are you eating cals/macros?
How much sleep are you getting?
What’s your activity like?

If those three things are spot on consistently, you should feel great.

so go to a doctor


You spend any time outdoors or in tick infested areas?

You described Lyme’s disease pretty well.

Around 3000kcal a day currently, used to be around 3700 until I started losing apetite…
Used to sleep 9 hours on average, now it’s around 6-7.
Activity - 3x a week in a gym, and every day I go to city, from work to seeing friends, walking my dog…

I actually was bitten by a tick 10 days ago to be precise, but there’s nothing red around the bite, and I don’t have fever or anything.
Edit: And lack of energy and stuff like that actually started before tick bite.

I Second the lymes disease suggestion
Go to a doc

I went to private clinic, they don’t think it’s lymes disease but they didn’t completley rule it out, they just said it’s unlikley.

I also did a standard blood test for start.
Results are:

Leukocytes: 14.66 (3.4-9.7)
Erythrocytes: 4 (3.86-5.08)
Hemoglobine: 150 (119-157)
Hematocrit: 52 (35.6-47,0)
MCV : 85 (63.0-97.2)
MCH: 34 (27.4-33.9)
MCHC: 335 (320-345)
RDW-KW: 13.1 (9.0-15.0)
Platelets: 298 (158-424)
MPV: 12.00 (6.8-10.4)

There are also some more stuff down there, but everything is within ranges and it’s hard to translate, so I don’t see it as important to put it here.

  • Note, I didn’t show the results to any doctor yet, I do plan to see my own doc with it.

What do you guys think about it?

Honestly, aside from a couple of shots in the dark, there isn’t much anybody can say. I mean, realistically, I’m a welder/fabricator so unless I can hit you with a hammer or clamp you up to close the gap you’ve reached the end of my rope. I’m pretty hesitant to take a grinder or torch to anybody because once you remove material its a lot harder to put it back.


OMG hahahaha I laughed way too hard on this :joy:

I will wait till next week and then catch some time to see my doc. Doesn’t look too bad in my opinion. So it will most likley just return to normal on it’s own.

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There’s a reason why people we call “doctors” spend 5+ years learning medical stuff - so that they can give you a qualified opinion.


I had a inner ear infection that had similar symptoms.
It could be a lot of things based on those fairly non-specific symptoms.

The dizziness if extreme could be an inner ear issue.
It’s hard to say you have a problem due to some lousy training sessions.
Anything standout?

Your white blood cell count is off the charts.
Leukocytes at 14.66, that’s high.
That’s my inner ear infection level of infection.
Unless you have other symptoms that’s what I am looking at.

Does it burn when you pee?

Shit, Sky throws out the Lyme possibility and lo and behold it turns out the guy actually was recently sucked upon by a tick. Pretty darn good internet diagnosis for a fabricator.

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Sometimes it hurts inside my right ribcage, more on lower part TBH.

I’m dizzy on rare ocassions, usually when tired or standing up. I guess doctor will have to take a look.

Yeah, you need to see a proper physician.



I just came back from my doc. She sents me to repeat the blood work, just this time instead of CBC and shit like cholesterol it will be tested for liver enzymes and stuff like that. Urine tests too. She seemed worried.

She thinks it might be Hepatitis A/B/C after asking me some questions. If liver enzymes are elevated too, then I will have to do more tests in that direction.

I will know tommorrow after another blood test. Gonna do tests in the morning, it will be done by afternoon and sent to my doc, and then I have to go to her again (which is pain in the ass).

I think that my doctor would mention it today if that was the case…

Good for you. Stay on top of it so you can get bether soon.
I wish you all the best.

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Thank you.

And I am kinda nervous, leaving house in about an hour, and I can’t eat anything lol (I am not allowed to eat before blood test)