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Minor Inguinal Hernia, What to Do?


So short story is I felt a pain lower right abdominal deadlifting, and my right testicle has had a dull pain on and off since then. The doctor said it's a really minor hernia cause I didn't even see the bulge.

II don't have health insurance for three more months. What can I do in the meantime without it getting a lot worse? I'm guessing no Deadlifts lol but damn I'm pissed. Body weight stuff okay? The area aches when I do certain moments like lunges, leg lifts or if I bend back.


pretty much answered your own question, avoid exacerbating movements and don't hold your breath during lifts (increased intra-thoracic pressure)


Thanks. So it is okay to lift still? I'm thinking no deadlifts or squats unfortunately.

I'm also wondering if I can do bodyweight and core exercises still?


Thanks. So I can stll lift? I'm guessing I'm going to have to avoid deadlifts and squats unfortunately.

I'm wondering if I can still use body-weight and core exercises? Would machines be better for the time being.


id go easy until my insurance kicked in


I would not recommend anything that involves engaging your core until you have worked out the root of the problem, two years ago I was suffering from whooping cough, I was stupid enough to carry on training (powerlifting) while I was Ill, anyway..

I coughed / strained during a deadlift and felt a strange sensation In the right side of my abdomen. When I woke up the next day I had to go to hospital as I could hardly move without screaming in agony. 3 days in hospital and I eventually recovered, but it still took a long time for the right abdomen pain to go away.

Since then I occasionally found I had a dull ache in my testicles when I tried my 1rm (bench/deadlift/squat)
It only happened occasionally but I carried on training...

Two years later now and i can't lay down on my back without feeling discomfort in my left nut...

Turns out I have a misaligned pelvis , FAI/ hip impingement , athletic pubalgia/ a possible inguinial hernia

^ when it comes to testicular pain with heavy lifting , hernias and pelvic floor dysfunctions are usually the main culprit

IMO It would be wise to see an orthopedist to get a better idea of what's going on.

Take it from me, rest and find out whats going on,

You do not want to make this any worse.


any updates max? I'm having a similar issue. It's very light sensation. Happened when deadligting, sharp pinching feeling in my lower abdomen. Unsure if i should just rest up for awhile or see a doctor asap


I'm in a similar situation as well. Apparently it's quite common. My hernia is also small, no bulge and no need for surgery yet. It is quite the dilemna. The thing about hernias is that they don't ever go away so no amount of resting is going to do anything. At some point, you will have to get surgery; its only a matter of time. I say carry on training but be smart about it.