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Minor Gyno


I have minor gyno after my course, I ended it as soon as u got puffy nipples and took some Clomid but it didn't go away no I need advice on what I should use? It's been 5weeks and I have a small lump under my nipples


Nolvadex is what you need. Clomid will do nothing to rid gyno.


Okay is it not too late though?


What about kessar?


Hard to say for sure if its too late. But it’s not going to fix itself, it may only get worse if left untreated. If I were you I would run nolva at 40mg ED until it clears up. It my take 6-8 weeks, even longer.

And I don’t know what kessar is. The only two compounds I know of for treatment of gyno are Nolvadex and Raloxifene.


Anyone know when it’s too late?


[quote]KayG_Epic wrote:
Anyone know when it’s too late? [/quote]

Dude, just get the fucking nolvadex. It’s not that hard to get and not really expensive.


[quote]KayG_Epic wrote:
Anyone know when it’s too late? [/quote]

Everyone is different, there is no answer to your question. Take the above advice.


I ordered letro and tamoxifen, getting after 3days