Minor Achievement, Don't Laugh

So last night I hit my first minor lifting milestone. I squatted 5 lbs over my bodyweight (160 lbs, skinny-fat) for 4 reps. It’s not much to be honest, but it’s progress. I started lifting back in January, had a groin pull at the end of Januaury playing soccer, and had to take a break and start back at lower weights. Since then, I have made steady progress.

I am squatting well past parallel, or what I would say is ass to grass. My initial goals for this calendar year are 1x BW bench, 1.5x BW squat, and 2x BW dead. After that, I’d like to hit 1x BW overhead press, 1.5x BW bench, 2x BW squat, and 2.5x BW dead. Anyway, thanks for reading, I just wanted to share with someone.

that’s definetely good progress for just 4 months of lifting with an injury. I would guess that 165x4 would probably put you at around 185 for a 1rm.

be patient, but at the same time, don’t be too patient.

hi 46and2! we love you! <3 <3

OK, keep going! :wink:

Nice job, now make this weight your warm up by this time next month. Keep pushing skyward.

Way to go, man! I was 155lbs in Feb and squatting 125, so I definitely know where you’re coming from!


I echo “Don’t be too patient.” Put weight on that bar!

Thank you all for your support. I got the 5/3/1 book and I am doing “boring but big”. I might have been able to make quicker gains on something like Starting Strength, but the 3x a week squats would be really rough at the boxing gym and rec hockey. With 5/3/1, I have been adding 10 lbs to my 1-rep max on the spreadsheet and I just keep going up. Last week was 155, next week is 175. I know it’s going to take a while to hit 1.5x BW, but I’m afraid adding 15 lbs would be too much.

Add 15 pounds and kill it. Get into the zone, psych up, dont accept anything less. I know it sounds like bullshit, but if you are just beginning you can make some CRAZY leaps in strength right away. If you miss it for all the required reps, at least you know you pushed it and you have had it on your back so you know what it feels like.

Good job.

Now keep going.