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just wanted to update my fellow meatheads. as some of you may remember i was fighting sustanon induced acne. i had it bad across my chest and shoulders. my doc prescribed minocycline. i have been on it for about 6 weeks now running it concurrently with a sust based cycle. my acne is all but gone. worked VERY well. i highly suggest trying it if you are fighting acne. not only did it clear me up but is keeping me clear while on. my doc is mildly concerned about liver toxicity and is reducing my dosage from 200mgs/ed to 50mgs/ed until off. i dont feel this should be a problem since my sust based cycle is ending about the same time. i plan on running minocycline with future cycles providing liver values and the like check out. just some info i thought might help. sorry this post has nothing to do with tits or ass : )

How do you go about getting liver values tested? What is the test you ask your doc for? How much does it usually cost you? Thanks.

That’s very interesting to hear. My doctor has just given me a course of minocylcin because i have mild acne.

However i wanted it as a standby for use after an oral based (M-1-T) cycle 2 weeker. I was wondering whether to run it concurrently or sequentially but i think after the above post i’ll get some liver tests and run it post cycle.

How about frontloading the minocyclin?
Course is 50mg e/d for six weeks.

Anybody had any experience with Roaccutane? Mentioned it to my doc but he stiffened and said it was known for causing depression. Especially in young men, and had resulted in a number of suicides. Also i’ve heard it is hard on the liver plus number of other sides.


Thanks for the info. question… do you tend to break out more while on a cycle or when you come off? I tend to clear up during a cycle, but my back breaks out bad not long after I come off. Will you be using anything post cycle to prevent this?

dubs. quite honestly i dont what tests you should ask for. i used to tell my doc i was concerned due to creatine usage and prohormons. things like that. she would schedule a test and review my results. never had a bad one so we never talked about it in depth. jt. i seem to break out while on and clear up while off. this stuff worked so well that i dont think i will need anything when off. roaccutane is topical accutane i believe. i know accutane is scary strong stuff. i will exaust all other options first.

thanks man. I will see about trying the minocycline after the next cycle. My doc is cool and will prescirbe anything for me.

Anyone have any of that stuff left over?