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Minnesota Vikings Get New Uniforms



My favorite team in the NFL has gotten new uniforms this year..not bad looking.but one thing i have noticed..all the teams lately that are getting new uniforms, seem to be getting the same design, but different colors...the uni designers at Nike and Adidas need to get more creative.


They needed them, the Vikes, Cards, and Bills have the worst uniforms in the NFL (IMO).


Bills went from one of the best to one of the worst.

I like the old Vikings uniform and their new one doesn't look too bad.

Are the Cards in the NFL?


Do the Vikings play the Ravens this year? That could be confusing to watch.


yeah, and i think that describes the Seabags even better.


Those uniforms are nice as hell.


It's because all of the NFL apparel you see now (including unis) is made by Reebok's NFL Equipment line.

I think they're ugly. The first thing you see is the collar.


I think the home jerseys suck and the aways are ahh ok. I like the old ones.


I like the Cards unis. My favorite in the NFL would have to be the all-black Ravens home uni. Worst I think would be the Indy Colts away unis. All-white just screams Brokeback.