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Minnesota Metrodome Roof Collapse Last Night


17" of snow and this happens to the Minnesota stadium.
Just happened not even a day ago.

btw I fucking hate sports.


Looks like the ticket prices are going to go up.


Incredible. I love seeing nature dominating humans, and humans ever-involving ways to get around it.

BTW, did you see that electric scooter hauling ass to get out of there? Bet they were crapping their pants.


If this would of happened during a game, do realize how many deaths or injuries there would of been? Not by the snow but by the swarm of paniced people. Lucky, lucky


As a Skins fan, I might be with you. Then again, hating sports is a sure fire way to know that you love the cock, just sayin :smiley:


Sports are what life is all about. From women to football, it's all a sport.



por que?


You mean this video?


the male news anchor's commentary was great


Just so everyone knows Brett did this to give his shoulder another day to rest so he could keep his streak alive.


Is it me? or is that guy on the scooter falling down the elevator shaft the funniest thing u have ever seen? I personally died laughing


How did you type this ^^^ if you had alread died... From laughing?


That was kinda funny. I don't usually like stuff like that, but the guy was really determined to get through.


...and equally determined to kill himself. What-a-douche.


I hate TEAM sports myself. But anything from boxing to wrestling, BBing to Oly lifting... almost all individual sports for that matter, I'm focused!

Elevator accident: the dude was handicapped. Maybe he was mentally handicapped as well. Or just fucking impatient as hell.
Haste makes waste.


It sucks to see the Dome go down. I've been a Vikings fan all my life, and its knowing that this will probably be the last view of the Dome as the team will probably be moved to L.A.


Im really not sure what could top everything thats happened so far to the Vikings.