Minnesota Accidentally Legalizes Edibles

In a surprising, but in a very Minnesotan way, the legislature has legalized thc (Delta 9) edibles.

I guess the GOP did not read the bill, and approved it thinking it was a restriction bill on delta 8 thc. On Twitter one of our state senators is proposing rolling it back.

I got a good chuckle. It seems fitting because for a blue state we regulate booze and tobacco on a different level haha. Can’t get beer that’s above 3.2 percent at any store other than a liquor store, and just recently we got alcohol sales in Sundays.


Red states have been legalizing pot over the past year or two.

It’s not as cut and dry as it used to be.

Likely was an accident, but probably here to stay.

Pot has been decriminalized in Minnasota since 76

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Haha. Everybody wants to be a Legislator but nobody wants to read those heavy ass Bills. Only in MN baby!!

Thanks for sharing.

Lol, typical failure in life politicians can’t read. Oh noes, roll it back! We can’t allow the serfs to eat brownies!