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Minneapolis Roll-Call


So, who are the Minneapolis T-Nation members? Especially those of you who frequent the Uptown YWCA.....



I just escaped the Twin Cities after 8 long years! No offense to those who like the area, but I'm so glad to be out of there.


Out of curiosity, can you elaborate a bit? I lived there for four years and also moved.

BTW, Los Campeones is the coolest gym in the Twin Cities. Old school and the people who work out there are cool as hell.


I'm from the Southside of Minneapolis. And Angela, we're happy to have you out of here.


I've been working in Bloomington and living in Burnsville since the middle of December. I've checked out a few gyms and recently got a membership to Lifetime.


Where do you work out at? If you live on the Southside, do yourself a favor and check out Los. It's on Franklin and 40th near the U. What part of the Southside do you live on? Near the U? or down by the Lake Street ghetto? (just kidding).

I lived in MPLS while in lawschool - MPLS is dope as hell - but being a Florida boy, the winters were a bit much, oh yeah, the lack of hot latin women was also a bit disturbing. But overall a great town, with a great music scene, great bars, and really down to earth, cool people.


Grew up in Mpls, moved to Mtka, then moved back to Mpls while I studied at the U. Living in Busan, Korea now. Minneapolis... MN in general is quite nice in the summer, but I can do without the road construction and winters... though I missed not having an inch of snow :confused:


I grew up just above West Broadway in the Jordan Neighborhood, North Minneapolis. Ah, pleasant memories... not.

I now reside in a SW suburb and lift at Lifetime Fitness in Bloomington.


Do I know you? I think I do :slight_smile:


I'm currently living and working in and around Minneapolis, although I have a home gym, so I'm not likely to be found at the YMCA....