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Just bought my first set of mini bands. Can’t wait to use them on DE bench day. My man creed says that using chains has really helped his speed, I’m hoping the bands will do the same for me.

Whats up. So you got some minis then, you’ll love them. I liked chains but the minis take it to a different level. The way they blast the weight down is amazing.

just dont over do it at first and use them to much…they can cause some major upper body joint issues if not used correctly…bm

bm, how often do you use chains or bands?

thanks for the advice Martin, I had heard that so I was planning on using them in 3 or 4 week phases. C

boonedoc…right now i dont own any chains other than a pair to do suspended goodmornings with…i have used them alot and just didnt get the same benefits from them as i have bands…also each time i have the $$ to buy them i end up buying a specialty bar wich i think is a better buy becuase there so versatile…for the dynamic squat i use bands preety much always all the way up to the week before a meet…i have never had any lower body joint problems or any of the such with them…i love them for the squat…for dynamic bench press it is a completely diffirent story…i have had some really bad joint problems and even sudden massive drops in my bench press from overdoing them…but they have also upped my bench by 25 pounds after just 3 week short cicra-max bench phases…so it is a double edged sword…currently i use them for a total of 6 weeks in a 15 week meet cycle, wich equates to 2 3 weeks sessions…one 3 week mid cycle regular speed phase around week 12 and starting 5 weeks out we do a 3 week circa max bench phase ending at 2 weeks out…for max effort work i never ever use bands…for max effort work i want to getuesed to the feel of heavy straight weight and it allows me not to overod the band usage…bm

The bands are also great for accessory exercises. Countless options with these.

thanks martin, that’s kinda what i had in mind to not overdo…i have a right shoulder that is prone to act up…so i have to be careful with my accomodating resistance as well.

BD: I have cranky shoulders, too, but the thing I noticed is that the bands actually allow me to work harder without adversely affecting my shoulders. I use them to rest my rotators at the bottom range of presses while upping the resistance as the press nears full extension. I think you’ll like them…

just got my mini bands, wish they had come on Friday before my de bench day but I’ll use them for pushdowns or something tonight on my me bench night