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Minimum Test Dose on EQ - Deca Cycle?

Hey guys, I’ve only bulked on AAS so far, but I’m looking to do a cut and wanted some advice

It’s actually more like a recomp or lean bulk because I only have about ten pounds to lose so the rest of the cycle after the first six weeks or so will be more of a slow build

My questions have to do with test and AI dosages on EQ

I was planing on keeping my cruise dosage of 250 test and adding 600mg each of deca and EQ

I tolerate 600mg of deca just fine and grow on it so I wanted to use it.

I heard EQ is a great lean bulker that will give dry gains and vascularity so I wanted to add that for an extra anabolic boost (last cycle was 750 test and 600 deca) without increasing my test dosage and having to deal with E2 sides

My problems arise from the effects that EQ may have on E2

Must or should I increase my test dosage equal to EQ to avoid crashing my E2?

Should I not increase the AI Dose if I increase my test dosage?

I was thinking of doing 750 test with the 600 deca and 600 EQ instead of the 250 test

Any experience with this kind of cycle?

Note - I’m pretty much set on the 600mg dosage of both deca and EQ and I’ll be taking 50mg proviron every day as well

Cycle length is 16 weeks, possibly going to 20 if the results hold

Thanks guys, I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences

Test-EQ at a 1:1 ratio when run together the first time; when nandrolone is added you can probably get away with less, but not a ton less. So maybe 500 test, minimum? 750 should be absolutely fine though.

Thank you! Should I increase my AI to the usual dose at 750 test or should I wait to see how the EQ affects my E2?

I wouldn’t touch AI until you had blood work confirming you needed it.

Thank you, I appreciate the help!