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Minimum Strength for Coffinworm

IN 5/3/1 Forever, Coffinworm is described as an intermediate to advanced program. I can tell because it has a lot of volume and you are lifting heavy weights frequently. On average, what is the minimum strength for each lift you should have to do this program? If I had to categorize myself, I would say I am a beginning intermediate.

Maybe strength isn’t as much as an issue with this program as having the ability and experience to self-regulate. A more experienced lifter would probably gauge his proper TM’s and assistance programming better than someone with less solid experience under the bar, thus more likely avoiding burnout and injuries.

I ran Coffinworm for two leader cycles and two anchors before my most recent meet. It was awesome but I’ve been lifting for more than a few years. Because of all the volume and intensity a proper training max is critical. I ran my first cycle TM at 85% of my previous meet PRs and had no problem hitting the prescribed reps while not feeling anything was too easy. I ran the anchor cycles at the same TM but added jokers at 105 and 110%. With the exception of bench (I overreached on my last attempt) I set huge PRs on the squat and deadlift. I’ll be running it again before my next meet too.

To echo the previous two posters, I don’t think there’s a minimum strength requirement as much as a minimum knowledge/common sense requirement.

Use that as a guiding principle.

Thank you for all the helpful feedback. I think I will hold off on this template for a few months to a year.