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Minimum Reps and Upping Training Max


Do you find that it would be better to just repeat the cycle with the same weights if in fact you have a week where you just do the minimum reps for whatever reason rather than actually add weight for the next cycle? You wouldn’t be getting the same stimulus obviously so does that theory hold water?


If you can only lift 90% of your TM 3 times or 95% of it 1 time, is it actually a TM anymore? You are probably working with a TM which is over your 1RM.

Have a think about this and why you have a TM. The answer on what to do should be clear afterwards


No thats not what im saying. Suppose you had been hitting say 10 reps 7 reps and 5 reps(on the respective 5,3,1 weeks on your amraps. Well if you jist hit minimum reps(for a week) you wouldnt be getting the same stimulus as if you went over the minimum reps. So would it make sense to increase the training max at the end of the 3 week cycle or just repeat the cycle with the same weights trying to hit over the prescribes reps for that week you missed the last time?


If you cannot hit over the minimum reps, it likely means you are reaching a plateau. Reduce your training max by 3 cycles and continue the program. Jim advocates 5 cycles forward, 3 cycles back to help prevent your situation.


i dont think yall are understanding. If you are having a “less than steller day” as oer the book Jim recommends just hitting the minimum reps on days you don’t feel too good. Thats what im refering to.


I think everyone here is assuming you meant’ “minimum reps” for most of the cycle. And no, you wouldn’t redo a cycle just because you had one training day where you didn’t go for a PR or a goal set.