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Minimum NPP Dosage

What would be the minimum dosage of NPP per week?
I have also seen alot of talk on E3D injects has anyone tried e3d? (Could this due to the nandro staying in your system for a while?)

prop 600mg/w
npp 300mg/w(100mg e3d)

Better to shoot both EOD.

Minimum dose for what goal? No one can read your mind. And I have no idea what the text in the parenthesis means.

Let me ask you, how often do you inject test propionate (I assume this is what you mean by “prop 600mg/w”)?

Then I want you to ask yourself why you would inject nandrolone attached to the same ester at any different of a time interval.

I’ve never seen any talk of E3D shots for anything but enanthates/cypionates

I read a few log on AM regarding every 3d

Goals are to gain mass, minmum weekly dose to be anabolic

I understand it’s on a prop ester and that means more frequent

I read a lot more people advocating ED, and never read anything about E3d. So EOD at a minimum

I wanted to add to my stack as the third key but only wanting to run it for 6 weeks just wanted to find out what dosage are you guys running npp at? with prop im planning 100eod/mast 100eod/NPP 75 or 100 EOD?

whats the lowest dose you bros have had of NPP and liked the results