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Minimum/Maximum Weekly Volume Per Muscle?

Hi, guys.
Is there a guideline that mentions the minimum and maximum weekly volume per muscle? Example: chest minimum 10 sets, maximum 20 sets…minimum 80 reps/max 200 reps…
How do you base yourself on making the weekly plan, taking a 5/3/1 model with accessories?

No, because a set is not just a set.

I don’t understand

You can’t equate a balls out PR set to your first set of 5 on a BBS template or a set of triceps extensions at the end of a session. Each of these is only one set, yet you’d be a mug to say they both produce the same training effect or require the same recovery.

Okay, I understand.

If you’re unsure on this stuff, just use one of the million and one templates Jim has written. He’s kinda the expert on this.

This can’t be answered without context. Minimum amount of sets/week? Zero, and you’ll function just fine in society. But if you are strong and want to maintain what you have? That depends on you personally and the reps/loading of each set. For example, doing 10 sets of 5 push ups compared to 10 sets of bench press taken to failure at 75% of your 1RM are not the same thing.

That said, since this is Jim Wendler’s forum, he addresses this in the Forever book. He gives some examples of maintenance cycles to keep you in the game while allowing you to recover and take it easier. He also gives Jim Wendler’s Classic, which is a template he claims to use often that is a combination of barbell work and weight vest work that will keep you strong and healthy while not wiping you out.

For maximum volume, try some of his challenges, like BBB challenge or Building the Monolith. Or, for a longer term program, just do a couple BBB cycles.

The good thing is 5/3/1 doesn’t load you with determining such nonsense.

You decide upon the outcome you want. You pick a program that will get you that outcome.

You run the program with the appropriate training max and you progress as outlined in the books.

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ok i’ll do as you told me.
Even if I already do it!
Mine was just a curiosity