Minimum HCG Dose to Increase E2? Any Experiences Using It?

I don’t aromatase well and am sensitive to the E2 lowering effect of Cialis (or anything). On my previous protocol of 75mg test E E3D with Cialis my TT was 780 and E2 was 8!. At the same dosage without Cialis my E2 was 19. I felt anxiety on both occasions but don’t want to drop Cialis long term as it’s great for my mood, no, erections etc.

After enquiring on this forum about ways to increase my E2 without increasing my dosage HCG was suggested. I’m not bothered about the fertility aspect/ balls/ loads getting bigger…I just want that E2 up! I’ve read that it can increase both TT and E2 and have 2 questions:

  • What’s the minimum dosage that you think I could use to increase E2 slightly? I pin E3D and 250iu E3D has been mentioned but could I get away with even lower dosage?

  • And to those that have tried/ use HCG…How much did it raise your E2 and TT? At what dosage? Did you have any side effects? I’ve read it can potentially raise resting heart rate or cause heart palpitations but this may just be in a few cases ( I suffer from pounding heart rate at present but I think it may be low E2 related).

Thanks in advance!

I have not seen hCG to have a significant effect on E2. It can, but usually not. Very few have reported side effects from hCG, most like it.

There was no change with my E2 when using hCG at 250IU 3w/week, and as mentioned, I don’t see it in others.

What does you doctor say? I have given estradiol to some guys with similar situations as yours.

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I self medicate.

Jeez I really hope it raises my E2 like it does for some…it’s my last resort and I’m getting desperate…if it doesn’t work I may have to consider coming off TRT and going back to feeling like shit!

Can’t cope with this low E2 induced anxiety for much longer. I’ve had to raise my dose to 90mg E3D and now my TT is too high at 1430 but E2 is still only 21 (non-sensitive)…ratio isn’t great so still feeling anxiety.

Estradiol would be preferable but I really don’t know where I would by it from and I’ve had a look at a fair online ‘pharmacies’.

Is the 1430 number bothering you, or are you not feeling well when it is that high? It sounds as though the increased E2 helps some, but not enough?

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I would say you are spot on.

Having TT at this level along with the E2 at 21 is still causing anxiety and almost feels like I have too much adrenaline at times…pounding heart beat but not overly fast heart rate. BP is ok btw. Also worried about effects on lipids with TT at this level.

The anxiety is very similar but not quite as bad as when my E2 was in the teens and I have put it down to the ratio with the high TT being off. I’m sure if my E2 was 22 and my TT was 750 I’d feel ok. Likewise, when my TT was high at this level during a mini blast and my E2 was 37 I felt great.

If I had symptom relief I’d stay on this protocol for a while but I’m still not great. Long term I need a way to increase that damn E2. So frustrating/confusing as for the first 6-8 months of TRT my E2 was 30-35 at 75mg E3D. Haven’t a clue why I now don’t aromatase as well!

Any advice? Do the Estradiol tablets have any side effects? What dose? I really don’t want to be buying anything else on the black-market :frowning:

Try 250 eod for a while and see what your numbers get to. But if you’re self medicating then you have lots of options. Dbol will work very well. If you’re already buying test illegally then what’s one more drug, right?

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You could try some dietary measures, beer, soy, oregano, licorice, etc. Maybe you already have. I’ve given oral estradiol at 1mg, 2mg and 3mg daily dosing, usually for guys who have crashed E2, but only short term, not permanently. Regarding side effects, it’s not as though any of these guys were already high and took high E2 doses, but yeah, if you take a crazy high amount without testosterone to go with it, I imagine there would be something.

I don’t know if estradiol has a black market presence.

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If you try beer go for Hoppy IPAs.

I wish I had low E2 so I could have more IPA- I love them they, but they give me tits :frowning:

I’d be happy to take it short term like you mention…it just doesn’t seem like a practical long term solution considering how hard it is to get hold of and how little I know about it.

With regards to some food and drink supposedly increasing E2…the more studies and proper sources I read about soy, hoppy beer, flaxseed etc the more apparent it seems that they don’t actually increase estrogen. They just have compounds with estrogen like properties (phytoestrogens etc)

I’ve tried flaxseed & hoppy beer.

If you do know of any food/drink that actually does increase E2 I’d be grateful to hear. I’ll look up oregano .

It’s supposedly not true that hoppy beer raises E2. If it was true I’d be drinking a can or 5 right now :frowning:

I’ll give the HCG a go as I’ve bought it now. Not as confident it’ll work now though.

We discussed Dbol in another thread lol…no way I’d touch it when I’m looking to improve my health and well-being. Thanks though.

In terms of food/herbs that ‘sopposedly’ increase E2…Red Clover is the only one I can find with studies to back it up. That might be another option.

Phytoestrogens activate the estrogen receptor and thus mimic the effects of estrogen. But, it’s a moot point as you’ve already tried them without effect. Some find otherwise.

Sorry, I don’t have anything else to offer. You might consider finding a doctor to help you.

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See the problem? On balance, taking 5mg of dbol twice a week to improve e2 is significantly better for you than drinking a few beers a day.

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I’ll have to give them another go in larger quantities.


In my personal experience its very true.

I don’t get this. There’s several health issues associate with low e2, and the side effects of low dose dbol (which will almost certainly raise your e2) can be easily handled. If you’re at the end of your rope, can’t find e2 tabs, this may just be your best option.

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Was hoping for a bit advice regarding the Estradiol tablets.

I have managed to buy Estradiol valerate 2m tabs. Now I only want to increase my E2 from the mid teens to 30-35.

What dosage would you recommend?

The half life seems fairly low and I also don’t want to overdo it.

If I take 1mg oestradiol valerate tablet a day how much is it likely to increase my E2?

Any advice much appreciated.

It does not work like that. Given your goals I think I’d start with 1mg and titrate upward.

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Will Estradiol injection work any better than oral version? If yes, what shall be dose and protocol for injection?
Also any tips or symptoms to watch out for?