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Minimum Dose of T


I post with some trepidation here, but am willing to risk the flames because I think I will get the answers I need.

I have access to a large amount of Androgel. Is there a way to get enough T into your system with this to provide a real anabolic effect?

My understanding is that the gel is 50mg / pack, with an average absorbtion of 10%. This, with three pack /day would give up 105mg / week. Is this enough to do anything? If not, what would be the minimum dose / week to see some effects. Thanks in advance for any help, and if you are going to bust my balls, at least be funny..


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Yeah - I did some searching after posting. Looks like the absolute min even for a first cycle is 350-400. This makes your Androgel bath more of a real reccomendation than a joke. Thanks for the input, though.




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Put the gel into a bowl and let the alcohol evaporate, roughly half an hour. Then put the gel on your testicles (don't do this until all the alcohol is gone). This will increase the absorbtion by quite a lot, as the skin is much thinner there.

I know this may sound like a trick, but it's not. And don't put the gel on before the alky evaporates -- burns like a sumbitch!


Sound good. Do I need to shave my boys first? Seems like the hair would absorb soem of the test. How many packs do I rub on a time?


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Thanks guys for your input. I have decided to combine BB and HH's suggestions.

Instead of taking a bath in Androgel or rubbing it on my balls, I will fill a bowl with it, wait for the alcohol to evaporate, and then t-bag it.

I will combime this with some Biotest supplements I have left over from the pre-bush era as follows:

Mon: Androgel nut soak, 30 min
Wed: Androgel nut soak, 30 min
Fri: Shove entire bottle of MAG-10 up my ass.


Hankr, I'm hearing from some that the shit stinks real bad. True?



Seriously, thats pretty fucking funny


I kid you guys not.

One of my friends (who is a moron when it comes to this stuff) loves testim. He uses them on or off cycle. I swear to god, the guy regulary puts them on his nuts.

The funny thing is thinks that he is "off" even when he uses the gel, or HCG. He's been using something for almost 6 months straight, but thinks that 500mg of test is "way to much". I just let him do his thing.



Nope. Mostly just like alcohol.
I did decide what to do with the extra, though. I am doubleing my dose, and eating the last of my MAG-10 in two week cycles.

What will it do? Maybe nothing. We'll see.