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Minimum Dosage That Doesn't Affect HPTA?


Someone told me that a dosage of 2x of 30 mg for a total of 60 mg to 75 mg a week will not be detectable by the hpta.

Any opinions or suggestions


Why are you posting these questions? Some background into your situation would help us formulate appropriate responses. You clearly have some issues you think TRT can solve, but seem unwilling to dive into it.


Think about it.

The only "dose" of a hormone that will not impact the HPTA will be one that produces the current hormone level within the body, that level may be "low" but it is the level that has created the existing balance. Add any hormone to the system disrupts the HPT axis balance.


This. Strong second post. Now I gotta go back and read your first one!

Not to mention, this level will be dependent on many factors (size, previous hormone levels, testicular functionality, etc.)



Strong first post! (this one is sarcastic, the first one wasn't)