Minimum blood work markers

Got some advice from a bodybuilding buddy and what to test for before my test only cycle. He recommended marek and doing the build your own labs option. I tested only for estradiol, free and total test, and a lipid panel with ldl/hdl ratio. I am almost 8 weeks in on 300mg of test and want to see how my blood work is now. What markers should I test for now that I am in mid-cycle? Tried to search recommendations on here for blood work but can’t seem to find any.

Depends on what you want to know.

Are you concerned about lipids? Check them.

Are you concerned about hormone levels? Check those too.

CBC is always a good idea on cycle.

If you’re worried about liver/kidney, get the CMP.

Prolactin and e2 are good if you’re not feeling great. Or, if you just want to know what they are, not a bad idea.