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Minimizing Side Effects From Propecia

I read where Bill Roberts said that while on propecia, your estrogen levels dont go up, but rather that estrogens effects are hightened, I believe since a reduction of adrogens, therefore thats why gyno, loss of libido, decrease of sperm count and ejactualte volume.
My question then: will Biotest M minimize these side effects since not only is it claimed to eliminate excess estrogen but also protect breast tissue and prostate receptors from estrogen? Thank you.


This is an interesting question. I didnt think Propecia had any side effetcs. I thought that was finasteride had the side effects being that it is full strength. If thats the case would M, or any of the other ant-estrogen supps from Pat Arnold or Syntrax help?

I thought Propecia was the same as Proscar which is the same as finasteride??

i have read news groups and taken propecia briefly, i believe the 2% side effects figure to be too small. anyway reduction of E might help some, but i wouldnt put too much faith in otc products

The idea is that DHT is an estrogen agonist (ie. it blocks estrogen from binding at the receptor). So take away DHT via finasteride (proscar/propecia) and you’ve effectively done the same as taking the Clomid/Arimidex/Nolvadex out of your testosterone cycle. Basically, estrogen has more receptors to bind to in the absence of DHT. M would help with that problem.

Sounds like maybe Clomid is a good idea then.