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Minimizing Legal Risk When Buying Gear Online

Current user of TRT by legit script. Looking to increase dosage of Testosterone Cypionate (TC) beyond that supplied through my script.

Concerned with potential legal risk associated with buying additional non-script TC online.

Any tips to help out a first time buyer, for minimizing risk would be appreciated.

If law enforcement really have a hard on to get you, they can. I just do legit pharma now. Is there any chance of your Dr increasing your current testosterone script, or adding another legit pharma steroid?

It would be pretty difficult not to leave some kind of digital trail, that a determined investigator couldn’t find, if they had enough of a reason.
You want to stay off the radar, to avoid giving LE a reason to look at you. I don’t know much about it but I would guess a VPN, the Dark Web, and crypto currency. I’m just not knowledgeable enough to give practical advice.

Its probably more expensive, but doing it the old fashioned way, from a trusted guy at the gym is probably less risk.

LE can easily look up this website, so keep that in mind when posting.

Another option depending upon your country and its laws is adding a SARM like rad 140. They are legally available for purchase in many countries without prescription, as research chem’s. Other countries you may need a prescription. If it agrees with your body chemistry they can give you a noticeable boost, in size and strength.

Look flat out telling you on here is just not a good idea. I will say go search the concept and you will get plenty of hits.

If you can get online reviews then apply logic, all positive means fake reviews, all negative means stay away, a good source will be somewhere in-between. I always looked for the guys bitching about how long it took to ship because everyone of those “ships in two days” or whatever claims are total bull shit. They ship when their guy at the parcel place can get them through and that guy doesn’t work everyday and even when he does work others might be around so he can’t.
Just fyi any domestic source being shipped from an address inside the states will of course cost more but you will still have to wire money out of the country, usually China, eastern Europe, ect.

Really just go look at the other sites like this that have the 'how too order" sections. I would stay away from any public site that has a list of approved sources, well I would stay away from those sources because if everyone knows then they might be watched.

Really depending on where you are in the states then go down to Mexico and walk into a pharmacy. If that’s not an option then look at how to order from a Canadian site, you will need a Canadian post office box and you have to go pick it up but their laws are kind of friendly to getting away with steroids and mailing them. If you are slap dab in middle of the states then you are just going to have to use your best judgement when weighing source options.

Go to Meso. Read the Underground forum. Sources are vetted, products are tested, and opsec for many sources is top notch. You’ll find answers if you look in the right place.


Thank you for that introduction to that forums. I never knew they existed. I am like a kid in a candy store reading and looking up shit again. I love you IRON.

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Ive been on the radar a few times and had police show up in plain clothes to deliver 1000 dollars worth of gear. Receiving illicit steroids by mail isnt illegal, as long as you dont accept. Just say not mine, no idea and let them have it. Most law enforcement are looking for big time dealers and will pinch a customer a time or 2 to try to sniff out the supplier. These days most crypto goes over seas, the gear is already domestic so its hard to trace. If they claim they got your online activity, claim your digital footprint was spoofed and you didnt know anything about it. You either have to be caught with it, in transaction or admit to it.

That’s not true. It’s still very illegal, but accepting it is PC and let’s them investigate further. But it’s still very much mail fraud. And if you used a computer to order it that’s wire fraud. But you’re right, they really don’t care about the small time users, they’re targeting the guys who get large orders and are either brewing for distribution or are acting as a reshipper.

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The amount of expenditure/paperwork it’d take to bust a small time user ordering a few vials would outweigh any limited / nil benefit taking this person off the streets would have, so LE generally turns a blind eye to small time users unless say that is you’ve got something else of their interest that poses a danger to society, say, a bunch of unlicensed firearms, a kilogram of methamphetamine etc.

Put it this way, in Aus, anabolics are illigal, yet you hardly ever hear arrests being made for posession of small amounts, I’m sure it happens, but 99.9% of the time on the news when one hears of steroid arrests the headline reads something along the lines of “man arrested for 1000 vials of test, 10000ius of GH, 1000 grams of powdered MDMA, two unregistered firearms, street value 2 mil” etc.

If you mind you’re own business, don’t push the substances on anyone, keep usage private/only known to close family/friends etc you SHOULD be fine

I’m just going off what my lawyer told me, and maybe hes wrong. But he said unless,they have a way to connect your transaction with a parcel of known to have illicit intent they dont have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. There are different approaches to delivery based on the current evidence. No correlation, deny the package. Technically you havent broken the law. I did this once. The plain clothes officer pretending to be an off duty portal worker who “forgot” tried to convince me to accept and sign. Luckily I had a buddy way up the chain who said that it was delivered to the wrong address, they opened it and turned it over to police. They had no transaction, only that it was addressed to me. I declined and never heard another word

But laws change all the time

You know what mail is hardly EVER caught up?

Domestic mail.

Just a thought…

This is not my opinion either. The usps, Dea, and fbi talk openly about how it’s almost impossible to catch small domestic shipments.

Now if a domestic lab gets caught up and the operation is compromised and they start a “honey pot” operation sure your next order might be placed to a fed. But il take the chances over having drugs sent thru customs and twiddling my fingers for weeks on end checking tracking numbers

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I just don’t trust domestic sources once they get pinched. So many guys are squealers. It’s why I would prefer overseas, even if customs is a genuine problem that needs to be thought about. But you’re not wrong about domestic being way better as a means of going undetected. I can see both sides and I don’t know what the right answer is, aside from “don’t do anything illegal”. Which of course I have never done. All of these conversations are for entertainment purposes only.


There are places online, where you have to be a member to post a review…and while a couple here and there might be fake…the vast majority are going to be legit reviews…sites that have been around for quite awhile are going to be trust worthy…if they’re selling shit, nobody will buy from them and they’ll be out of business in a few months…but if you have 10 pages of good reviews for certain sites, you know their legit.

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Honestly, there’s literally no chance of anyone finding out, if you buy it online or not…I personally go through a domestic source…there are no customs…I use bitcoin to pay…I use an untraceable email…so there is literally zero chance of anyone knowing…but I of the mind, that what are they going to do, arrest everyone who takes steroids? all the bodybuilders, all the nfl players, all the mma fighters or boxers…all the athletes taking them? of course not…that is why they do not go after personal users…sure, they might go after big online sellers, but not the personal users…I have never known anyone, who has ever gotten caught or in trouble…not nowadays.

Unless of course you’re having it shipped somewhere, like perhaps a home or a PO Box. In which case the seller knows who you are. And if the seller is working for a three letter agency, then guess who else knows who you are?

Or perhaps your seller accidentally posts tracking info onto a public forum and it is a clickable link that shows who it is going to. This actually happened last week on a major site. Never, ever underestimate your source being a complete and total moron. No matter how safe you’re being you can always get screwed but a seller who has poor opsec.

But yes, the number of small time personal users they pursue is practically zero. You’re right about that. Let’s hope that continues.


Why would they pursue AAS’s when they have much worse drugs to go after like the Marijuanas and Hemp. That stuff is crazy deadly. I cant even count how many people have died from OD’s of that stuff.


this site or seller is very well reviewed and has been around for awhile…and if he was working for anyone, people would know about it…I have ordered from him quite a few times…nobody is interested in lifters using for personal reasons. they don’t post tracking info…there is literally no trail…

Literally no trail,I hope you dont believe that Bitcoin transactions are anonymous.

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Sir I would like to point out one hit of a reefer cigarette causes incurable insanity, promiscuity within the younger populace and violent behaviour magnitudes worse of that of societies highly accepted legal intoxicant, ethanol

Hemp on the other hand, pfffffffftt, it’s of the same species of plant so it’s obviously just as terrible.

I had a family member (older individual, late 80s) tell me cannabis is a long term, slow death, I believe the conversation went something like this

Person “those marijuana cigarettes are a long term, slow decline into death from marijuana induced ailment”
Me “But sir, there has be-”
Person “Let me tell you what happens with reefers, you start using, everything’s fine, then one day you go to the doctor and BAM you have an incurable illness and you’re dead”
Me “Okay”

Tbh marijuana does have a few concerning case reports regarding cardiotoxicity (acute myocardial infarction, arrhythmias triggered in individuals with pre-diagnosed heart disease etc) and a few of these reports have resulted in death, however a cause-effect relationship is lacking, marijuana is known to be pro-arrythmiac via both increased heart rate due to excess vasodilation and THC’s effect on CB-1 receptors, however this lecture was coming from an individual who previously smoked tobacco on a daily basis, and still thinks relatively nonchalantly about tobacco.

Over the past few years I have come to the conclusion that despite the magnitude of potential harm weed can cause, the prohibition of said substance is one of the biggest injustices in society today and furthermore the prohibition and penalties delt out from cannabis possession seem to disproportionately effect individuals of minority and lower socioeconomic status. Furthermore, prohibition has led to ridiculous amounts of organised crime, around 20% of all profits from Mexican cartels stems from weed, the amount of deaths, arrests and wasted taxpayer expenditure that could be prevented from simply legalising this substance which is magnitudes less (in my opinion) harmful than frequent alcohol consumption or cigarettes is astounding. Seriously, as a society we ought to know better by now… Alcohol prohibition lasted like what… ten years? Weed prohibition has been bullshitting it’s way through society for like 100+ yrs.

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I firmly believe bitcoin transactions are harder to track than a regular credit card purchase, the one requires a bit of effort to decipher, effort of which law enforcement probably doesn’t want to waste time spending for minute quantities of illicit substances unless this is like… Rodrigo Duterte country… in which case… fuck that guy

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