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Minimizing Leg Hypertrophy


So alright, I've been doing squats with a stretch reflex (kinda like a bounce) but only went to little below parallel. Today some man told me I should not fall down so fast(i don't completely let the weight fall and hope that I come up) because when i squat more, i'll go down and not get up then break my back and shit. He said that it's the reason why powerlifter go down slowly when maxing. The dude is pretty damn strong, too.
Did 350 bench for 3 reps, 530 squat for reps (don't know how many, I didn't really look at him too much) he's probably a powerlifter.

I'm only going down quite fast because I want to minimize tension on my legs (really don't need any more hypertrophy, l32 w36 jeans won't fit my legs soon if they continue to get bigger(and I'm only 16, my upper body sucks, and I haven't done much training for my lower body except 3 months on SL 5x5 and now 2 months on madcows, so my legs are far from max potential) I'm 13-14%(judging from upper body) bodyfat so fat PROBABLY isn't the problem here, I'll try to lean down and see, maybe I hold majority of fat on my lower body.

So if not stretch reflex/going down fast, what can I do to minimize hypertrophy on legs?


Well, you could be like 90% of gym goers and just not train your legs? Assuming you're not down with that idea, you could always just buy new jeans and stop being a nancy about the situation.


Big ass looks like shit, that's the main reason why I don't want them to get any bigger. If my chest at least close to being as thick as my ass, I'd be alright with it, but i's not. Either way, your reply doesn't answer the question.




^This. When I went through the novice LP and beyond, I ended up buying entire sets of new jeans TWICE. Wasn't too happy about it, but it comes down to you wanting $150-200 more in your pocket, or real strength.

A California state record holder in the squat and deadlift used to train at my gym and he mentioned that he now gets ALL of his pants custom made. Just comes with the territory.


Basically what I'm asking is : how do I train my CNS to handle bigger weights?
I know that size will follow, but it not so fast as training like I have all the time.

Also, does being lean and lifting heavy (heavy as for looking at the BW/weight lifted ratio) is much worse for joints than being fatter and lifting heavy?


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Custom made?? Tell me more, if you know.

So here are my ideas about pant improvements over your standard loose-fit, straight-leg jean:
- Abrasion resistant panels in the crotch area (eliminate abrasive thinning of crotch-area material which leads to failure).
- Elastic panels or elastic crotch seam to reduce the chance of seam rupture.
- Low-friction lining over the quads to allow shifting of the pant leg (also reduces crotch seam stresses).
- Relocation of pockets away from the tightest areas (i.e. ass and thighs) so that wallet, keys, and phone don't each look like a tumor under the pants.
- Low rise, because high-waist pants are terrible.




I've never heard of anyone lifting to get smaller. I wear 36/38x34 jeans loose cut. Suck it up and build that upper body.


Hmmm... I may have to make a prototype...


nah im not asking to make legs smaller, only to maintain the size as much as possible while training the CNS


being 100% serious, just jump & sprint


Try running 30+ miles per week, lifting heavy low reps, and eating as little protein as possible. You will get strong, ripped, skinny legs like a chicken.



the best way to train for heavy weight is to lift heavy weight. just train the squat and ur cns will follow. as long as you lower the weight under control to keep proper form then reverse as fast as you can with proper form.

and ie max lifts are lifted slowly bc its a max lift and if its a geared lifter the gear slows them down even more




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what likewater said ... understand that muscles lift weights


Heavy SQ/DL singles every week with no assistance work should do the trick. And only singles for warm up sets as well.


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