Minimizing Bloating On TRT

So I have been on 200mg a week of test cyp. I don’t take estrogen blockers because my E2 and Total Estrogen are right in the middle range of the spectrum.

I am going to start HCG at a new clinic next week and want to lower to 100 or 150 to minimize bloating for the summer (as well as back acne)

I have read that HCG aromatizes quite a bit so I expect to be put on some arimidex.

My question is from everyone elses experience will lower test and HCG (assuming I get my estrogen in check) leave me leaner without as much water weight?

hCG does not often lead to bloating when dosed at 250iu SC EOD. You have been mislead.

Read the advice for new guys sticky.
Read the protocol for injections sticky.

Bloating is a result of high estrogens.

Post your labs with ranges.

Total estrogens is not the right lab. E2 is more appropriate.