Minimalist Shoes That Don't Make You Look Like a Tool

I read the article recently and seeing as my other shoes are falling apart, I was thinking about getting a minimalist/barefoot shoe. Anybody got a recommendation for one that won’t make me look like a douchebag?

I used to have the Reebok realflex shoes and they later for years and it was a very comfortable shoe I used to run in daily

What do you want to use it for? Running, lifting, general training?

The New Balance one for me did not hold up that well. The inside edge around the ball of your foot has busted on both, and I had the correct shoe.

I want to buy and try the new Nike shoe called Metcon. I am not a “Crossfitter” but the Nano was a decent shoe and these seem to hold up better than the ultra light minimalist shoes. Just IMHO.

My main sport is rugby and my training centers around that. I do my speed work and practice in cleats, and I have no plans on changing that. Ideally I’d want one that I could lift and jump in without having to change shoes.

However, mostly I’m looking for one for daily life use. One that I can walk around in, since I do alot of walking in my day-to-day activities (I’m a masters student at a school with terrible parking. It’s a PE program so I also have alot of walking at my student placements too.)

I personally like Vibrams. They’re not the best shoes for walking on pavement though.

I’ve had two pair of New Balance shoes. Like RVK said, the first pair did not hold up well at all. But their new trail minimus shoes are significantly more robust. They also a have nice, every day kind of look. I wear mine to work all the time (my office is pretty casual).

Assuming vibrams are still the feet gloves that I remember, that’s actually what I was referring to when I talked about looking like a douchebag. If they have some that look like regular shoes that be a different story though.

Innov8 Flite 230.

I really like indoor soccer cleats they usually don’t look stupid

Huh, interesting. I’ve loved my last two pairs of NB Minimalists.