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Minimalist Program

I’m spamming the beginners forum today haha…

Is it possible to actually make progress and gains that you want on a minimalist program?
For example, for each muscle, there are specific exercises I want to get better at/enjoy but was curious if they would be enough.

Like for back, I love band pull aparts, pull ups, low pulley cable rows.
For legs, I love RDLs, hip thrusts, leg press, and step ups.
For chest, floor presses and pushups.
For shoulders, lateral raises and reverse flies.

Do these target everything? Or am I missing a bunch?


I’m sure there are quality programs on this site that would include those exercises.

I’m sure there are too, just not able to find them :woman_shrugging:t3: Like how would you even look up a program like that?

Also the chin-dip-run cycle workout from this.