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Minimal Test Cycle (Revised)


Totally open to suggestions or alternatives, so feel free to give input. As stated in previous thread, I am trying out aow test cycle to see if sides are lessoned.

1-16: test E 200mg/week
1-14: deca 600mg/week
1-4: Anadrol 50mg/day...never ran it before, so starting low
1-16: adex .5mg eod
1-16: caber, not sure of dose?

Then obviously a proper pct.


Interested how this works out for you.

Caber should be good at .5mg 2x a week


Me too. Thanks.

Any sides I should be aware of with the caber besides increased libido?...never used it before




I've never used caber but I know some say it's no walk in the park




Didn't you JUST post that you decided to stop using gear lol to "prove your wife wrong"


Yea lol, for a while. I said.

This is a future cycle, not running anything in the near future.