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Minimal Supplementation


Hey Guys,
I'm just wondering what you think are the bare minimums for supplementation? I know I need a good multi and my omega 3-6-9 caps ... but is there anything else you think I absolutely need?


You almost got it. Include a protien powder, or MRP and you got your basics. Of course, you don't need protien powder, you could always just eat a shit-ton of food, but that could be said about vitamins and EFAs as well. The powder offers ease over food.


Add a quality multi-vitamin.


I don't want to turn this into another thread, because there are SO many on multivitamins that it seems none of them are better than another unless you're spending almost a dollar a day on them. Nobody on the forum has provided information on a cheap, quality multivitamin.

Otherwise, how do people feel about ZMA? One of my friends thinks its a definite, but I feel its just in the vitamins anyway.


The quantities of the relevent minerals in ZMA are much higher than in a multi. I personally have had very good experiences on it, definatly helping with handling a very high volume (10+ sesion a week for crew).


SUPPLEMENTS are just that!!! they are designed to supplement an unhealthy diet, I know that everyone feels superhuman if they take more of something, BUT if your eat healthy you dont need them.

Many people believe that taking a hard capsule that has 2800X the USRDA will be absorbed and totally utilized by the body, Dont think so.
Great food and variety eating allows the body to take in nutrients the natural way that they were designed to be ingested.

SORRY, but I dont feel that there is a MAGIC pill that will help you if you eat poorly.
Also nutrients taken in foor form(food or shakes)will allow maximum absorbtion, not little pills.
Hope this helps.


I would recommend green+ over any multivitamins.


I would say that unless you are buying all of the appropriate foods that you know you should be eating, don't get any supplements. I guess you can count a multivitamin, and omega-3's and protein powder as food though.

I also think that fixing your diet can solve a lot of problems that supplements are supposed to help with.


Sorry, I have to disagree. In the case of most people's diets, the actual nutrient content of the food has been declining steadily due to the depleted nutrients in the soil. So some vitamin and mineral supplementation could be considered to be a necessary supplement.


Funny, as I read this I was sipping one of my "green drinks."

I would never be without it!

But, even so I eat about 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.


Every day I get
Fish Oil
Greens +


I think a quick absorbing pre/post workout protein shake along with ZMA would be "minimum" as far as supplements go.

Also, of course a fish oil supplement.


I'd say that's just about perfect minus the CLA.


Youre definitly going to need some sort of shoe.


Yea, I feel that PWO recovery drinks fall into this catagory after the Pro-Pow, Multi or Greens+, and EFA.

Also, regarding the multi dilemma; Take only one tablet a day but cut it in half and take at separate times. This way you're maximizing absorption but not ODing on odsurd amounts of mircronutrients.


Flameout and Metabolic Drive are the first two supplements I would spend money on. I would make sure training, sleep, and diet are spot on before spend a cent on anything else.


Wrong. They're designed to boost an already healthy diet, not to replace good eating. Most people, even if they eat clean and well for the most part, could use a little extra support. Our environments are toxic, we also take in things like alcohol and prescription drugs that deplete minerals and stress our systems, we're under constant stress, and working out, though healthy, adds to that load. Supps on top of healthy diet and sleep can be good. But they are no replacement.

Bare minimum: Clean diet, loads of veggies, sleep, fish oil and vitamin E, B-complex, Greens supplement, multimineral (a good one without loads of binders and fillers).

Vitamin C could also be considered a bare minimum supp by some. Others, like older women, might consider Cal-mag-vitamin D to be an essential. Bare essentials will to some extent depend on the individual.


I think omega 3/6/9 supps are dumb. Most people eat too much omega 6 already. Just stick with fish oil and vitamin E (together). The omega 3 will balance off the omega 6 that's already in your diet.


You know, when I read the original post I thought that he was taking Omega 3's, 6-9 caps a day. But i suppose that he's actually taking Omega 3-6-9 caps in which case I agree with you.


I usually don't use any. The only thing I have been using lately is a CEE product. I also use RTD protein drinks to keep my protein intake up (I admit to being a Muscle Milk junkie).
Other than that I do not use any vitamins or minerals. But I eat pretty well.

Personally, I think a lot of supplements just give you expensive urine.