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Minimal House Music


You know the drill - post your gems.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEfl-ARgiiU (<--- maybe not exactly minimal, but still)




That's my favorite kind of house music! Minimal. If possible, non-existent.


Here's Animal House music:


Fatty, I'll bet you cause a sensation at the German discotheques.

Madchen 1- "Dieser grosse Mann hat einige gute Tanzbewegungen!"

Madchen 2- "Ja! Ich werde wetten, dass er sich wie eine Katze im Bett bewegt!"




I used to be pretty nimble in my limbo hey-day.
Then I started working for the gov. Had to cut my hair, too. Actually, shave it.

That's a pretty good online translator you used - or is your German really that good?
Although, as a fellow kinda dwarf, I gotta add that 'big' also translates to the German equivalent of 'tall'. Should've used 'stark' or 'maechtig'.
Actually, I'd like to go with the latter option.


My German is minimal. I SHOULD be fluent because my mom is from West Berlin and the first 2 years of my life I was bilingual because my grandmother lived with us as well. When my "Oma" returned to Berlin, my mom stopped speaking German around the house, and I lost that ability.

By the way, Kraftwerk was the first group I ever heard that composed electronic music.