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Minimal Hairloss Stack

Hi!. This stack was designed so i will get the least amount of hairloss possible.

Week1 Mon 100mg Deca. Tue/wed/thur/fri/sat/sun 30mg Tbol

Week2 same as week 1

Week 3 300mg/Deca. 40mg per day rest of week Tbol

Week 4 400mg/Deca. 40mg per day rest of week Tbol

week 5 400mg/Deca. 30mg per day rest of week Tbol

week 5 400mg/Deca. 30mg per day rest of week Tbol

Week 6 300mg/Deca. 20mg per day rest of week Tbol

Week 7 & 8 100mg/Deca on Monday and 5000iu/HCG Thurs

This is my second cycle. My first was SD (boo hiss)
Im considering doing winnie instead of tbol.

My aim is to have a good stack but with minimal hairloss.
Some people say i should taper. others dont. how would this compare to 10 weeks of deca at 400mg. First 5 weeks tbol or winnie.

Please comment and suggest which is better, tbol or winnie. Winnie i heard goes vwell with deca (like everything else) and can help with gyno issues.
PCT = HCG last 2 weeks at 5000iu
3 weeks later clomid + nolva. Nolva at 60/40/20/20/10/10.

Another question… when could i use propecia. during pct or after. i know deca is in the system for 18 months. does this mean i have to wait 18 months before i can safely use propecia again.
Thanks for any info.

Go back and read more. There is no point in tapering deca. I would change the name of this cycle to ?the least amount of erection possible? In addition, using propecia/proscar while nandrolone is still in your system will likely increase hair loss. If you want to keep it simple stick with test only for 10 weeks with few weeks of taper and you can use propecia and minoxidil.

There are some excellent posts in this forum by Prisoner#22 and others. Most likely it is not a good idea for you to use anything at this time.

as it happens. its exactly reading where i get the idea of tapering. 3 books infact. all suggest tapering. the internet forums say i should just do 400mg straight for 10 weeks. now which is right?

You’re better off with a Primo/anavar cycle bro…

500-600mg Primo/wk for 12 Weeks
50-75mg anavar last 6 weeks

Tapering is pointless, the half life of the androgen serves as a natural taper.


I disagree that tapering has no point…there are reasons related to joint integrity, brain chemistry (i.e.depression) that it is a good idea to taper off aas…BUT…for simply gaining as much mass, and stripping as much fat off as possible…then yes…tapering offers no real benefit. I would stick with Tbol if you can get it and it’s not just winstrol in a cap that is supposed to be Tbol. I think ‘strol is garbage…unless stacked with deca and testosterone…which I don’t really see in your cycle…maybe I missed it. If you are going to do just 6 weeks…do nandrolone phenylpropionate (laurobolin) instead of regular ol’ deca…takes way too long to get started…and takes way too long to clear so you can get started on an effective PCT. But I definitely concur with the VAR and PRIMO stack…with GH/CLEN…but make sure you can get enough of the PRIMO and it is in fact Primo as their are a lot of fakes running around with just 'strol in it…primo costs about 7 times what 'strol costs on a powder basis in China…so it probably will be pricey…enough chatter…

who need hair when your gonna be JAAAAACKED!

Hi, thanks for the input. i think 10 weeks deca and 5 weeks winnie (i was suppose to put winnie instead of tbol in my original post but forgot to edit it) at the start. last 2 weeks hcg, 3 weeks later clomid/nolva + propecia. my understanding IS that after those 3 weeks i can start taking propecia again not the 18 months or so when its clean out of my system.
thnx for any input on this
my understanding is that deca/winnie is a standard stack