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Minimal Equipment MAG-10 Pulse Fast


Hello all, longtime reader here.

I am preparing to receive a MAG-10 Pulse Fast package. I intend to use the entire package, and see what I get out of it. My only exercise equipment is a 32kg kettlebell, please do not explore options I do not have like 'find a gym'.

The plan:

Pulse fast days with a 'Kettlebell Program Minimum' of preworkout drink, five minutes Turkish Get-U[, midworkout drink, fifteen minutes swings (perfect rep style, forcing them down at the top, SRP twitching at the top, limiting to three reps a set), post workout drink.

For the days following the pulse fast (Tues/Fri), I would like to do something CNS intensive, but not energy intensive, as all I would have for recovery is the leftover (19 scoops/shots) Power Drive and Alpha GPC. I'm thinking that the best thing would be deadlifts, (sets of 3 till MFT), but I don't have a bar, so...I'm open to ideas. Maybe some format of one-hand KB cleans?


Post this in the live spill.