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Minimal Equipment / Good Results?

Hey, let me just say that I am only 15 years old and I am overweight.
I have been overweight pretty much all my life since 2nd grade, before that I was the fastest runner in the school if I shall put it that way (i was only 6 or then :D).
I noticed that i didnt want this gut that i was putting on, i hated it. I got taunts at school as you would expect, and then as i had my first growth spurt i started to pan out but my gut remained the same.

My father bought me a small weight set consisting of 2 x 2.8 lbs and 2 x 5.5 lbs. I started using this and noticed my arms were getting bigger but I was young (still am) and i just lifted when I got bored. I was then bought an Ab Roller

to help my cure my gut problem because I hate situps. I will do pushups, lift weights, skip, run, anything but situps. That has started to help, i feel the difference in my abs now but my gut is still there. You push through flab to get to the abs, its not a pretty feel.
All of this I have been using for about 2 years now on and off. I now have a boxing bag (i’m a keen boxing fan :D) and I use that to.
For now, all I want is a flat stomach (bonus if I have abs) so im not afraid to go topless in public, in front of my girlfriend at times etc.
I would like to make a plan to stick to with my minimal equipment but when I save enough money up I am getting a gym membership and I have already enquired about it.
Most days I skip breakfast because when I have it my stomach looks like i am carrying a baby.
I workout in the evening i’ll do 5 - 10 minutes of skipping, a nice casual bike ride for 10 minutes on my bmx then return home.
If something i like is on tv by this time, i will grab my weights (i only have the one ‘bar’ so i cant lift two at once) and i will do 15 reps x 3 sets on each arm. this kills my arm by the end but i notice the difference.
while the show is on I sit on the edge of my seat doing 20 concentration lifts on each arm, maybe 2 sets if I feel up to it.
When the ad break is on I will do 2 sets of 15 situps or ill do as many ‘ab rolls’ as i can fit into the ad or ill just do fifty.
Sometimes i will put my feet under the couch in a crunch position and i will raise my back off the ground, hold for 6 seconds and drop down slowly. I picked that up off of here. It’s good I think.
Well as I said before, I want to condition my body so it looks nice, then when I go to the gym when i have money and I will really do the hard yards as they have equipment.
Does anyone know of any exercises I could do with the equipment I have that focuses the legs, pecs, abs and biceps? Also basic protein shake recipes would be good and how many meals a day should I eat? Should I have 6 meals but eat small portions or what?
Thanks in advance,

Dingding: Burpees for the win! EDT your burpees. That basically means set aside 10 minutes of your day and do as many burpees as you can.

Secondly: excercise is usually pretty useless for fat loss if you’re not a) working your legs quite a bit b) have the average western world diet

Did u say you do skipping for cardio??!! Kid in order to lose weight you need to work on your diet. LIfting weights doesn’t really help unless you get serious and are able to put on muscle which burns fat. Diet is what makes u lose fat. from what you’ve described you don’t really have a plan on your workouts and just do whatever.

I suggest you get a gym membership as fast as you can, read some articles on here and get a good workout plan, and workout hard. work on your diet, cut your calories, and never skip breakfast! That just slows down your metabolism and you need this in order to lose weight. eat like five to six small meals a day with about 2 or three hours in between and if you don’t want to get all technical and count your calories then just eat until u are barely satisfied(note barely satisfied not full)

but most of all. all this “i do this and this whenever i feel like it” and “until it burns or the commercial is over” isn’t going to cut it. you need to have a plan, make sure you do a little more every workout(either add more sets, reps, or weight) and get dedicated. Reaaaadd! some articles on this site. Learn more about this stuff. Good luck kid. If there are some things i left out or i didn’t elaborate on ask. Maybe some of the other members here will fill in what i left out.

Oh and also like i said before working out your abs doesn’t burn fat in that area. all it does is build ur abs. If anything if you go overboard on ur abs then u will just get a thick midsection and then even when you just have a small amount of fat on it, it will just look wider. Diet, Diet , Diet.