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Minimal Approach: No Bench, Only Overhead


Hello, I got minimal training time and want a minimal schedule.
Squat, Deadlift, Chinups and .... Press.
I have no bench at the moment because it broke down. Should I get a new one and start Benching or can I stick with only overhead pressing. An excercise I prefer. Going to do 5/3/1 which calls for both, but due to time constraints, three (or two) workouts of 45-60 minutes is max for me.


Can you do dips, ideally weighted ones?


Do floor presses then if you do not have an adequate bench and yes you should get a new one.


I'm not sure how you're splitting up your week, but if it's only one upper body day a week I'd recommend something like doing Floor Press for the 5/3/1 sets/reps and then doing OHP for assistance. You can improve your bench by only doing OHP, but it will be much more difficult if you don't have some kind of movement that resembles a bench in your training.

And get a new bench as soon as you can. If you want to bench well you need to bench.


This. In my experience, OHP is a great exercise, but wouldn't improve your bench by much. You need to start benching as soon as possible.


It's obvious you need to bench to increase your bench, but that's not what I'm after really. I don't aim to compete. Due to time constraints I can only workout three times and since my bench broke down I thought to do only SQ, DL and Press as 5/3/1 exercices. Apart from huge pecs, what am I missing if I just trow in some BW pushups and dips as assistance?

This is my plan:

Squat 5/3/1 + 2 downsets
Straight leg band pullthroughs

Press 5/3/1 + 2 downsets
Band abductions
Side bends

Deadlift 5/3/1 + 2 downsets
Bend leg band pullthroughs
Leg raises

Warmup is always the same
300 ropeskips
Static and dynamic stretching
Face pulls and Band pull aparts
Squat 2x5xbar, 3x40, 3x60, 3x80

The assistance is always 1 set, 2 reps short of failure. Between each set, no matter the exercise, a set BW chinups - sometimes a set inverted rows. Each workout ends with 65 kg tire dragging.

This workout is short, minimal equipment, always full body (squat, press, pull, hinge, drag) and focus on three big lifts.
Assistance is bodyweight or band work.


Seconded. My bench has never gone up as a result of any overhead pressing.




As you are posting in the PL section, I figured you would actually want to, you know, compete in Powerlifting!

But since you don't seem interested, I don't see anything wrong with not benching. Obviously the chest and maybe the triceps development would be lacking, but maybe that doesn't bother you, in which case what you're doing is fine enough. After all, many Oly lifters don't bench, and look at them--generally not as muscular as powerlifters, but for the lean guys their appearance isn't too shabby.