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Mini Workouts with SSP?

Hi paul been following your work since your first eliteft articles.I remember reading about the mini workouts you wrote about years ago on lift run bang .I used them some years ago and found them really enjoyable and actually quite invigorating.
Are these somthing you still recommend and do you have any ideas around incorprating them into the ssp push pull legs split.
thanks for your time

I don’t with the push pull legs because those workouts are already minimized to be maximally effective, i.e. target the tissue with the right movements and the correct execution.

So I don’t do those anymore. It doesn’t mean they are bad, I just don’t do them. I think they can be effective if done properly and you don’t increase systemic fatigue with them, i.e. stick to single joint work and keep the reps in the 8-10 range for 2-3 sets maximally.

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Thanks for your reply sounds like you dont like mini workouts in the context of a split designed to maximize recovery.I will say i felt very well recovered during the ssp which was nice maybe i should give it another shot with a arm day that i have seen you suggest somewhere on here seems like the simplest solution.

Just try it and see how you do with it. I can’t tell you how you’re going to respond. You’ll have to actually do it and see what the outcome is and if said outcome gets you closer to your goals.